The mission of Watauga River Partners is to protect water quality and quantity in the Watauga River Basin.

The predominant threats are pollution from non-point sources such as storm water runoff, and erosion-causing situations.

The Watauga River Basin is an outstanding high quality water resource located in the headwaters of the southern Appalachian Mountains. The Watauga River Basin includes 270 miles of streams in Avery and Watauga Counties. The river drains northwest into Tennessee where it flows into the Watauga Reservoir.

About the Watauga River Partners

The Watauga River Partners formed in 1999 as a chapter of the Western North Carolina Alliance in response to the growing pressures on the water quality of the Watauga River and its tributaries. The purpose of the organization is to educate the community about the Watauga River and to promote conservation and rehabilitation of the river. Watuaga River Partners’ efforts to protect the Watauga River serve communities alon gthe 60-mile stretch of river. The Watauga River is perhaps the most outstanding natural resource of the North Carolina High Country, where it is a center for outdoor recreation, a site of scientific research, a fragile ecosystem that is home to endangered species of aquatic life, a source of high-quality water, and a contributor to local and regional economies.